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Save an average of 80% on cell phone charges while you're traveling internationally!

When you use your regular cell phone provider, like AT&T or T-Mobile, you're charged up to $5.99/min to make and receive calls while traveling abroad.

With OneSimCard, just swap out your domestic SIM card with our international SIM card to get low-cost, no-contract cell phone service in 200 countries.

Enjoy free incoming calls in 125 countries; data service in 111 countries; outgoing calls as low as 29c/min; a 24/7 global concierge and translation service; and a Mobile Miles rewards program that lets you earn points redeemable with our hotel and airline partners like Hilton, Marriott, Air France/KLM, Lufthansa, American Airlines, United and more!

As recommended in The Washington Post, May 8, 2011:
"Travelers, phone home -- it's so SIMple"